Syra Shehroz Reveals Why She Rejected “JPNA 2”

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani is a 2015 Pakistani comedy movie which was directed by Nadeem Beyg and was co produced by Humayun Saeed. JPNA was a huge success so naturally it’s sequel JPNA 2 is anticipated to be one of the top runners in 2018.

The sequel will be starring all the cast of the prequel with the exception of Fahad Mustafa replacing Hamza Ali Abbasi, earlier this month we heard rumors of him pairing with Syra Shehroz but when Mawra sealed the deal for the feature film we had a lot of questions.

Sayra Shehroz when asked of her role in the movie said this:

“I rejected the film because I believe my role was not substantial. Nadeem Baig is one of the finest directors we have in the Pakistani film industry, but the role I was offered didn’t amount to what I had in mind, so I politely declined and told Nadeem bhai that I won’t be doing this role in JPNA2″

She also added:

“Nadeem bhai and I will definitely be working together in the near future.”

Sayra Shehroz made her debut with Chalay Thay Sath which didn’t do so well on the box office, while her other feature film Project Ghazi has been delayed for some technical difficulties.

Mawra Hocane on the other hand will be making her debut in Pakistani film industry with JPNA 2 and we wish her good luck.

Fesl Shares Everything: From Temporary Breakup To Proposal!

Armeena Rana Khan is a very successful actress in our industry. She recently got engaged to beau Fesl Khan when he proposed her during vacations in Cuba. Since then he has been seen accompanying her at different places. But for the first time, Armeena has officially introduced Fesl to everyone when the couple came as guests in Geo Subah Pakistan. Both of them specially Fesl was very open about their relationship and shared many details about them with the audience.

Fesl is a politician who was brought up by a single mother. The way Fesl talked about his mother was simply beautiful. He shared how she had to face a lot of hardships but she came out at the top and made Fesl the best he could be. He also encouraged other single mothers to stay strong. Fesl is Armeena’s distant cousin and she was always annoyed with him in childhood since he used to beat her in chess. They have been best friends for a decade and were in a relationship too which came to a halt for almost two years. Fesl shared that how Armeena saw him with a girl and misunderstood him. She didn’t talk to him for two years because she felt betrayed. Fesl, on the other hand, thought that since she has become a star in Pakistan, she probably didn’t want to be with him. Two years later, Fesl decided to call her back and sought out the stuff since he didn’t want to have any regrets and today they are together; engaged and happy.

Fesl has served in the British Army for 4 years and his paternal family had an Army background too. He unfortunately never met his father because of his parent’s separation and later his mother’s permanent movement to the UK. His father died later but his mother always told him about his father’s family’s Army background and his maternal grandfather’s too which caused his interest in joining the Army. Fesl is a brilliant cook and can do household chores better than women according to him.

Fesl and Armeena both are very supportive of each other and discuss their professions. Armeena wrote a sweet letter for him in the show where she told him that she always misses him on sets.

Fesl’s Urdu is really nice and the way he expressed his love for Pakistan was beautiful too. We wish the couple a life filled with love and happiness ahead!

Did you watch their interview? If not go watch it since it was a show where the guest had a lot to say in contrast to the host always having the upper hand in talking!

Veteran Actress Shabnam Comes Back to T.V Screens

Shabnam is a Bangladeshi stage and film actress, her real name is Jharna Basak while she used Shabnam as her stage name. She was first introduced in Pakistani film industry by actor Waheed Murad who gave her the lead role in his film Samundar back in 1968. Shabnam worked in Lollywood for almost three decades and has appeared in 180 films. She left Pakistan and Pksitani film industry in 1990s.

Though Shabnam closed that chapter of her life but many Shabnam fans still await her return to their TV screens and looks like the wait is over.

The veteran actress will soon be seen playing her own fangirl in the upcoming TV series Mohini Mansion Ki Cinderella, the show will be stretched over 52 episodes and is directed by Ali Tahir while the music comes from Sahir Ali Bagga.

Writer Fasih Bari Khan says:

Shabnam’s character is going to really fun. Her name is Shabana Jharna, who’s a diehard Shabnam fan! You know the kind who keeps a record of everything their favourite star has done? That kind of devotion. Shabana has grown old but still ‘speaks in dialogues’ like Shabnam did, wears her sari like Shabnam does.”

Fasih also added:

“Like all of my work, this drama is also based on stories of the common man. The drama explores the lives of a whole neighbourhood set in 1992 Lahore.”

We hope that the drama proves to be as amazing as Shabnam’s previous projects have been, we wish all the luck to team Mohini Mansion Ki Cinderella.

Arth-The Destination’s Official Trailer Is Out!

Arth-the destination is the remake of Indian classic Arth. It stars Shaan Shahid, Uzma Hassan, Humaima Malik and Mohib Mirza in the lead roles. The story will be a bit altered as per the previous news. Shaan is playing the role of a singer, unlike his previous action hero avatar. Uzma looks completely different. The trailer is finally out after much anticipation and the film will release on 21st December. This will be the third big clash of this year with the first between Mehrunisa V Lub U and Yalghaar, second between Punjab Nahin Jaongi and Na Maloom Afraad 2 and now its Arth vs Rangreza. Here is the trailer:

The cinematography looks ethereal and all the characters look different from their usual selves. How did you find the trailer of Arth and will you go for Arth or Rangreza? Share in comments!

Noor Reveals Why She Left Show-Biz

Noor Bukhari is a Pakistani actress, model and director who is making headlines of all entertainment news these days because of her decision of leaving show business and becoming a practicing Muslim and not just a Muslim by name. She recently appeared in a morning show wearing hijab and that raised many eye brows, people had all sorts of opinions, suggestions, remarks and questions about her so Noor decided to show up in Sama’s morning show to explain her side of the story.

Noor explained that she always was a family woman and every time she got married she left show biz in order to become a stay at home wife because she loves all household chores and responsibilities but as it turned out none of her marriages lasted long and she had to take care of herself and for that she had to keep working.

Madiha Naqvi (the show host) narrated that many of Noor’s friends and co-workers state that Noor always keeps a “dubata” in her hand bag for namaz to which Noor said that namaz is an obligation and the inability to perform an obligation is unforgivable also everyone in her family including her mother and sister offer prayers five times a day.

When asked about her recent divorce Noor said that Wali and Noor wanted different things from life and the relationship they shared was very unhealthy, she was mentally so tortured that she considered killing herself but the thought of leaving her daughter alone kept her from doing so. She added that it was extremely painful to deal with this emotional trauma let alone deal with media and all sorts of derogatory remarks too. The things people said about her weren’t words but stones that were thrown towards her, she has no brother and her father is dead she has no one to turn to but Allah.

When asked about her failed marriages Noor said that though her family approved of her profession they did not approve of coupling before marriage which is very common in show business, she also criticized the society’s double standards, how people are alright with celebrities being in multiple relationships before finally getting married but at the same time celebrities who get married more than once are criticized as if what they did was undesirable/haram.

Noor said that the major inspiration behind her transformation was her daughter, she wanted to be a role model for her daughter, to be the kind of woman she’d want her daughter to grow into one day. She also said that though Fatima is only five years old she imitates Noor already and often places a prayer rug next to Noor’s and starts offering namaz.

In the end Noor explained that during her divorce trial when she was constantly being bullied by media and her world was falling apart in front of her she was under severe depression, that’s when one of the people she knew asked her to go visit this Islamic Scholar, Noor didn’t reveal any names and referred to that scholar as “Baji”. Noor and this scholar talked for three hours and Noor describes these three hours to be the turning point of her life. She said that Baji did not force her to do anything, all she did was explain to her how mundane this life is and what we really need to focus on is the after life and on discovering the reason for which we were sent here.

Noor said that her sister Faria Bukhari, who is also a model and an actress, has decided to follow the path of enlightenment but isn’t yet ready to tell her story.

When asked of her future plans Noor explained that she might venture the world of women’s wear and might come up with a brand that sells Muslim clothing including abayas, hijabs, burkas etc since when she was changing her wardrobe and went to shop some abayas she realized that women don’t really have much options here. She also suggested that she might keep working as a director since there are no Islamic dramas or shows for the young audience or she might work in some talk show.

We wish Noor a very happy and successful life ahead and hope that she stays enlightened and blessed.

Fiza Khan Tells The Reason Of Noor Bukhari’s Divorce

Fiza Khan was an anchor and newsperson in Sanaa Tv, who now works in management side as well. Listen to how she shares Noor Bukhari’s views about marriage and husband wife relation. She is a close friend of Noor and in this video she challenges the usual notion that it’s women who are at fault in divorce. She explains how Noor always prioritised her husband and family and tolerated abuse from her husband. Also, with him being a womaniser, Noor could not risk raising her daughter from a previous marriage with her. Here is what Fiza had to say;

Riz Ahmed Might be the Next Hamlet

Emmy Winner Pakistani-British actor Riz Ahmed is sealing a deal with Netflix these days for the next contemporary adaptation of “Hamlet”.

Riz Ahmed rose to stardom due to his Emmy Winning role in HBO’s mini series “The Night Of” after which it has been a dream journey, the actor recently starred in Star Wars and will also be a part of Sony’s Venom with Tom Hardy playing Venom.

The actor will not only be playing the character but he has also created this version with Mike Lesslie (who already has Macbeth and Assassin’s Creed to his credits). Riz knows Mike from his college days. The movie is set in a modern-day London of economic and political uncertainty, the story follows the intersecting themes of familial honor, moral duty and dynastic corruption.

Mel Gibson, Arnold Schwarzenneger, David Tennant, Ethan Hawke, Bennedict Cumberbatch and Oscar Isaac are some of the names who have previously played Hamlet.

We truly hope Riz not only seals the deal but also takes the box office by storm.