Meera khan announced to settle in America and leave Pakistan.

Lahore: Famous actress named Scandal Quin, decided to leave Pakistan.

In a special discussion with Geo News, Meera told that she will go to America in the next few days and she will have permanent residence.

She said, ‘I have a green card of America and Canada.’

Actress Meera further added that she will soon tell the reasons why she will leave Pakistan.

It is clear that in the news of my weak English news,Prominent personality in news Mira also faces the dual marriage case.

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Meesha’s attorney affirms getting lawful notice from Ali Zafar

The legitimate group of Meesha Shafi affirms the receipt of lawful notice, sent by Ali Zafar, in any case, dissipates its substance in aggregate, as being false, composed Barrister Muhammad Ahmad Pansota, the artist’s legal counselor.

Pansota composed on Twitter that Meesha Shafi’s assertions against Ali Zafar were genuine henceforth there was no doubt of slander. He said that Meesha’s lawful group were considering the substance of the notice.

Meesha Shafi blamed artist Ali Zafar for sexually irritating her on more than once event in a tweet a week ago. Ali Zafar instantly denied the assertions and said that he would indict Meesha Shafi.

Media reports assert that Ali Zafar has debilitated to document a slander suit against Meesha Shafi in the event that she doesn’t erase the tweet claiming he sexually pestered her and does not apologize for it.

While a few superstars have upheld Meesha Shafi for being sufficiently fearless to share her badgering background, others have sponsored Ali Zafar.

Individuals don’t recognize what inappropriate behavior is: Frieha Altaf

Model, socialite and CEO of Catwalk Event Management and Productions, Frieha Altaf addressed SAMAA TV and said that numerous individuals didn’t know regarding what precisely goes under the extent of inappropriate behavior.

“Numerous individuals don’t recognize what constitutes inappropriate behavior in lawful terms,” she said. “We have to look into the meaning of lewd behavior and which acts are incorporated into it.”

Frieha Altaf said that seven years back a bill was passed by the parliament on lewd behavior.

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5 Lesser Known Facts About The Fawad Khan

India discovered a perfect looking Fawad Khan, an artist from across the border.

Today as he celebrates his 36th birthday (November 29, 1981) here’s a look back at all that we have known and loved about him so far

While some of us had already seen his work and fallen in love with him through shows like Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Humsafar on Zindagi channel, most Indian audience first saw the Khan in Shashaka Ghosh’s  Khoobsurat (2014), the actor played the suave and snooty prince and made his way straight into our hearts with his flawless acting. Then came Shakun Batra’s Kapoor & Sons where Fawad played a bold role as a closet homosexual, once again proving to the Bollywood audience that amid all the much adored and celebrated Khans in the industry, an actor like him had been missing. In 2016, the actor’s role was reduced to a just a cameo in Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, thanks to the political pressure on the filmmaker following the Uri attacks the same year.

This is not the first time the Pakistani superstar faced something like this. He was to make his Bollywood debut right after his 2007 critically acclaimed film Khuda Kay Liye released in India. Again, the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks made it impossible. And now, while his fans pine to see him on the big screen again and spend time on YouTube searching for shows starring him and re-watch the few Bollywood films starring him just to spend some drool-worthy time, there is little hope that the Khan would be back.

I was one of the few journalists who were lucky enough to meet Fawad Khan for an interview. We spoke about his films, his passions, life back in Pakistan, hopes for Bollywood, family, food and more. During our brief chat, I discovered some rather interesting facets to his personality. Here are some lesser know facts about Fawad Khanthat I bet you didn’t know.

We have loved him in both the looks. Kinda a little more with the fuzz on the face. But I asked him what he prefers and he was quick to reply. “An untamed growth of facial hair.” But while he likes it that way, his wife and son don’t. “My wife and son keep complaining. They prefer a clean shaved look,” he confessed revealing that they cannot make out his expressions or emotions due to all the facial hair and therefore they continuously ask him to shave.

A greedy person

It is very easy to get into Fawad Khan’s inner circle. Unconditional affection and love, understanding his emotional side is all that it takes to woo Fawad. “I am also very emotional, cry easily and I think a hundred times before saying something to someone that has the potential of even remotely hurting their feeling. That’s why perhaps I stay away from judging people or having an opinion about them.”

Favourite food

“Weird food choices”, that’s what people who know what he likes and what he doesn’t have told Fawad often. He is a fan of Karela (biter gourd) and the fact that his wife makes some three-four variants of the dish only helps his case. A diabetic, he started including karela in his diet as a natural blood sugar regulator but fell in love with it.

Shopping addict

Stepping out of the house is a big deal for Fawad. While he is most comfortable in pyjamas and tees when at home. getting out means dressing up and looking prim and proper! He likes his shirts without even a single crease, his trousers well fitting and shoes shining. “Nice shoes is a must for every man. What you wear on your feet has to be clean and go with your attire. It cannot be worn out or dirty,” Fawad revealed further adding that he has a collection of shoes to go with every occasion.

Keeping the spark alive

Fawad and Sadaf first met in 1998 when he was only 16-years-old. He knew then that this is the girl he would spend his rest of his life with. The proposal happened but they went on to become friends first, before becoming a couple and dating each other. Seven years later, the two took the plunge to get married in 2005. The two successfully came over the two-year, five-year and seven-year itches. Fawad is not just in eternal love with Sadaf, but keeps falling in love with her every single day. When asked to elaborate, the Khan blushed, making my heart turn into mush as well. What he said next was enough to only make long for that perfect kind of true, mad, deep love. Fawad said, “She is my calm. The way she handles even the trickiest or most testing situations is amazing. Sadaf has a selfless kind of love for everyone around her and that makes her the most beautiful person ever. She has so much love and affection to give; it just lifts me up. What amuses me about her is that she always smells so good. She has this fragrance that is just so her that you know she is around and that keeps me going.”

Awwed! Are you not? On his 36th birthday, let’s just all take a moment to say a little prayer so that we do get to see Fawad Khan back in India, gracing the silver screen and regaling us once again.

Social Media Criticism on Sadaf Kanwal’s Photoshoot

Social media users don’t spare anyone and this time it is Pakistani supermodel, Sadaf Kanwal.

Sadaf is being criticised for her bold pictures that are trending on social media.The pictures that are being shared on social media are from her photoshoot with famous photographer Rizwan-ul-Haq.

While some of her fans have praised Sadaf for her looks, others were harsh! Here’s how some of the users have targetted her on the pictures.

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