Mahira Khan And Haroon Shahid Differ In Opinion On ”Harassment” Issue

This is truly an era of female empowerment and feminist stances. From Bollywood to Pakistani showbiz a, almost every controversy boils down to gender inequality and female harassment or the forces fighting it. It is essentially a very tricky topic because you don’t want the bullying and harassment to run its ruins on males either, but you also do not want that fear to empower men to mistreat women once again. So let’s see what the two lead stars of upcoming movie Verna had to say about the recent issue of harassment raised by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy against a doctor in Karachi;

Mahira Khan clearly supports the Oscar Award winning feminist, saying that using personal details by a doctor to approach a girl, it is definitely the wrong code of conduct. She said it is acceptable if someone is using a social platform to voice their complaint about a doctor. The debate is about how far will they be willing to take it.

The debutante Haroon Shahid, voiced his opinion that merely sending a friendship request does not constitute harassment in the true meanings of the term.

I believe this issue will always keep people divided on all sides..

Maula Jatt 2 Film In Trouble After Being Served Legal Notice

One of the most anticipated films set to be released next year is facing quite some trouble already.

According to several news channels, the four leading stars of Bilal Lashari’s remake/sequel of Maula Jatt, Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Humaima Malik reportedly received court orders from the producers of the original Maula Jatt.

According to the news outlets, MJ’s producer Sarwar Bhatti claimed that the sequel producers can’t use the name of the movie, music and characters without getting prior approval from him. The court orders were sent to warn the actors from participating in the film.

Ammara Hikmat, producer of the new Maula Jatt 2 has told media: “The malicious claims made by Sarwar Bhatti are false and frivolous. Instead of commenting on this issue through the media, we will take appropriate legal action in this respect,” she responded.

We are waiting to see how this controversy is resolved in the near future.

Mahira Khan Fully Supports Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

The actress appeared on Geo Morning along with current co-star Haroon Shahid and while the conversation was mostly about their experiences revolving around the filming of Verna, she had some interesting things to say about other issues too.

Having recently encountered social media harassment and trolling herself, Mahira Khan was asked what she felt about Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s tweets and whether sending a Facebook request could be equated to harassment or not. Never shying away from giving her opinion where needed, Mahira spoke with clarity and from the heart.

“If a doctor uses your personal information to approach you, then it definitely is the wrong code of conduct,” Mahira said. “We have to use our platform to speak out. If someone is voicing their concern about let’s say, a doctor, you have to use it. The debate is how far they take it.”

Mahira very clearly came out in support of the Oscar-winning filmmaker whereas Haroon Shahid appeared to have a different opinion; he felt that a Facebook friendship request was not harassment in the true sense of the word.

The duo was live on GEO TV for the promotions of their upcoming film Verna which is slated to release on November 17, 2017.

Pakistan Showbiz, Watch Upcoming Movie Verna Official Trailer in HD | Mahira Khan

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Pakistan Showbiz, The Official Trailer of Shoaib Mansoor’s upcoming film Verna starring Mahira Khan & Haroon Shahid

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Verna Trailer Released!

Verna is releasing on 17th November. The film stars Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid in lead roles while Zarrar plays the antagonist. Verna marks the comeback of acclaimed director Shoaib Mansoor who has previously given us Khuda Ke Liye and Bol. The film addresses the issue of women oppression. Mahira is playing a rape survivor according to earlier reports while Haroon will play her husband. The film will also show feudalism and corrupt practice of politics in Pakistan. The trailer of Verna is finally here and it looks very dark a lot like Mansoor’s previous movies. Have a look:

How did you find the trailer of Verna? Are you looking forward to it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Mahira Khan’s Leak Photos Spark Uproar

Pakistan’s #1 actress Mahira Khan and Bollywood’s Ranbir Kapoor have been spotted bonding over a smoke in New York city.

The leaked photos hit the internet and social media hasn’t been able to keep calm since. There is a lot of conjecture about Ranbir and Mahira’s supposed secret romance, with some claiming to have spotted a love bite on Mahira’s back.

A lot of hate has been directed at the actress; largely due to her clean image portrayed in her work as an actress. Many parents are angry and concerned of how these leaked photos will have an impact on their kids; who are die hard fans of Mahira and follow and do what she does on-screen and in social media.

Meanwhile, other celebs and fans have come out in support of her saying that it is her life; and that she has the freedom to do and wear what she wants.

Meanwhile, Pakistani actor Ali Zafar has defended Mahira’s decision in an Instagram post. “Every woman has the right to make her own choices in life (as long as she’s not hurting anyone else) just like we men do,” one part of it read.