Ayesha Omar vs Sana Bucha

The Yalghaar trailer launch was more than just an evening packed with the razzmatazz of celebs

it was a fashion rigmarole of sorts. With style techniques taking centrestage at the event, our radar caught Ayesha Omar and Sana Bucha at their utter best and absolute worst respectively.

Unpredictably, the Karachi Se Lahore actor exuded a kind of a celestial flair at the Yalghaar trailer launch. Undoubtedly, it appears to be that Ayesha has been making liberal efforts to stand out – in a positive fashion! Adorned in a Rothko and Tarkashi statement sari, the star’s new-fangled style yelled sophistication and permeated poise. Kudos to Haiya Bokhari for revamping Ayesha’s otherwise mediocre sense of fashion. Her hair and makeup were kept unfussy and minimal and she accessorised just right, courtesy a pair of dangling earrings and a boxed metallic clutch.

We understand you’re trying to look uber cool; we also comprehend you’re trying to channel the biker chic panache but dude, if you can’t carry a certain bravura, why try so hard? It takes being cruel to be kind – and we are doing exactly that – all for the greater good! The TV personality-turned-actor was nothing short of an abysmal fashion failure at the event. In a sloppy attempt to nail the androgynous look, Sana sported a tacky looking blazer with sleeves that just didn’t fit right, ankle cropped skinny jeans (that are so 2000 and late!) and a white V-neck top that refused to add oomph to her unkempt ensemble. Seems like Sana was pretty confused because she paired her supposedly rocker outfit with feminine curls, a boring leather clutch and shoes that we rather not discuss! Need we say more?

Bollywood Showbiz, T Series MixTape Agar Tum Sath Ho

<!–Bollywood Showbiz, T Series MixTape Agar Tum Sath HoBollywood Showbiz, T Series MixTape Agar Tum Sath Ho – Pakistan Showbiz

Bollywood Showbiz,Super Comedian Paresh Rawal:’I love Pakistani TV serials, Indian Shows are Boring’

bollywood-showbiz-super-star-Comedian-Paresh Rawal-latest-photo-news (3)

The strained relationship of India and Pakistan has takes its toll on the entertainment industries of either side of the border as well. While some came out in the support of the self imposed ban on Pakistani artists in India, others aren’t still too certain about its implication. Bollywood veteran actor veteran actor Paresh Rawal has expressed his desire to work in Pakistani dramas and launched how well framed the shows are.

bollywood-showbiz-super-star-Comedian-Paresh Rawal-latest-photo-news (2)

According to Hindustan Times, the Hera Pheri actor said, “Yes, I would love work in Pakistani films and shows. I love all Pakistani TV serials like Humsafar, the way they act, the story, the writing, the language… it’s all good. I feel our shows are boring.”

bollywood-showbiz-super-star-Comedian-Paresh Rawal-latest-photo-news (4)

Rawal recently made headlines in the news for his controversial comments against author Arundhati Roy where he suggested that she should be tied to an army jeep to discourage stone-pelters in Kashmir. The 67 years old actor believes cinema and cricket bring the two countries closer.

bollywood-showbiz-super-star-Comedian-Paresh Rawal-latest-photo-news (1)

“I believe that artists and cricketers don’t come and throw bombs. They are not terrorists, rather they bridge the gap between the two countries. But when the mood is not good why rake up issues at that time? It is better to stay with your country,” he says.

bollywood-showbiz-super-star-Comedian-Paresh Rawal-latest-photo-news (8)

Rawal also asserted that the ban on Pakistani artists should not be have been imposed in the first place. “There should be no ban on anyone or anything. Even in Hindi Medium there was a Pakistani actress but nothing happened as the mood is good in the country,” he says. His statement comes after Bollywood diva Vidya Balan praised Saba Qmar’s bollywood debut, Hindi Medium.

bollywood-showbiz-super-star-Comedian-Paresh Rawal-latest-photo-news (7)

“Watched Hindi Medium today and took your number from Zeenat, just wanted to tell you that you were amazing in the film. It’s a character one could dislike so easily for being pushy but you humanised her and make her believable and likable! Really, wow!” wrote Vidya.

bollywood-showbiz-super-star-Comedian-Paresh Rawal-latest-photo-news (5)

Another actor, Huma Qureshi, too, confessed that she is open to working in Pakistan if the offer is right, Talking to The Express Tribune, the Gangs of Wasseypur star said, “I would love to work in a pakistani project,if it’s the right offer.”

Kendall Jenner and Sushant Singh Rajput’s photoshoot for Vogue India stirs controversy

It was reported earlier that supermodel and a prominent member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kendall Jenner was in India in February.

Kendall Jenner was in India in February for a photoshoot for Vogue India’s 10th anniversary, Mario Testino edition.

Kendall Jenner takes down Instagram account

Finally, the photoshoot is out and to be honest, it’s quite impressive!Kendall looks her fierce-self in the photoshoot and Sushant shines with her.

Right out of the huge controversy of the Pepsi ad, Kendall finds herself, yet again in another one.

Pepsi pulls Kendall Jenner ad after social media backlash

As much as this photoshoot is incredibly brilliant, it has left many furious. Just as Vogue India shared the much awaited edition, Twitterati went crazy, calling out to the publication about how they couldn’t find a single Indian model to portray the real essence of India.

Hindi Medium’ shall be a treat for local distributors

Saba Qamar’s Hindi Medium will be the first Bollywood film with a Pakistani actor releasing in Pakistan.

since the ban on Indian films has been lifted. Hindi Medium was purchased by the Distribution Club and preparations for its release are going on in full swing.

According to local film cinema owners and distributors, this flick could do wonders, at least in a business point of view, as earlier released Bollywood and Lollywood films gave them massive financial losses. Raasta was one such local film that left distributors in abysmal damages in terms of money.

How have Pakistani films fared in 2017 so far?

2017 has been an interesting year for Pakistani film industry so far.

We bounced back from the ban on Indian films in an attempt to recover financially. Meanwhile, Pakistani film-makers continue to practice and improve their craft.

The first four months of the year have passed and we have seen five film releases so far: Thora Jee Le, Balu Mahi, Whistle, Raasta and the latest Chalay Thay Saath.

The Express Tribune spoke with exhibitors in order to find out the success-failure ratio of these films and whether the business situation has improved since the ban on Bollywood films was lifted.

“There hasn’t been a successful Pakistani film so far in 2017,” noted Cinepax General Manager Marketing Mohsin Yaseen. “Thora Jee le and Whistle didn’t do anything. Raasta, as everyone knows, bombed as well. Balu Mahi was a visually better film but it didn’t work either. Chalay Thay Saath is also doing just okay.”

Atrium Cinemas managing director Nadeem Mandviwalla agreed on Chalay Thay Saath doing slightly better. However, he said, “But things haven’t changed much business-wise from last year. The ban took such a toll on cinemas that we have yet to recover.” With all local films failing to gather significant business at the box office, only recent foreign films like Fast 8 have contributed in helping the financial situation of cinemas.

Yaseen said while the local films have slightly improved, there is a long way to go. “We have to understand what makes a quality film. Pakistani films are becoming visually better, but they still lack in storytelling.”

Films like Thora Jee Le should be banned in Pakistan

Super Cinemas general manager Khorem Gultasab echoed the sentiment that locals films are not yet up to the mark. But he said he saw improvement in the quality of films this year. “We have to understand the psyche of the masses. They like item numbers but we have to entertain and educate them about quality films. If they knew films like Chalay Thay Saath, which is a feel-good film and shows our culture beautifully, would perform much better.”

He noted that we were currently going through a transition phase. “It’s not a revolution; it’s an evolution in process. We should encourage new writers and storytellers, who would tell great stories, keeping in mind and remaining within our social fiber.”

But while the first third of 2017 has been disappointing, exhibitors are hoping things would pick up sooner than later. Yaseen said he was hoping big things from Eid releases such as Yalghaar. Mandviwalla felt the same regarding Eid releases. Gultasab anticipated Shoaib Mansoor’s comeback film Verna.

The trailer of Sahir Lodhi’s debut film Raasta will leave you in splits

It’s to be noted that Out of five, there have been only two significant films, Chalay Thay Saath and Balu Mahi, to come out in 2017 so far. But even they have not been able pick up the momentum, although they had the star power of Osman Khalid Butt, Sadaf Kanwal (Balu Mahi) and Syra Shehroz (Chalay Thay Saath). It’s safe to say that the ban on Bollywood massively affected the momentum and even films which could’ve done well earlier have been affected by it.

But with Eidul Fitr only a couple of months away and films such as Hassan Rana’s Yalghaar (which boasts of a star-studded cast of Shaan, Humayun Saeed, Ayesha Omar and others) and Yasir Nawaz’s Mehrunnisa We Lub You planned for release, exhibitors are hoping the rest of the year will definitely bring back the biz to cinemas.

Justin Bieber’s list of demands for India tour goes viral

Global pop sensation Justin Bieber is all set to make his way to India with his Purpose World Tour in May.

The 22-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter is expected to perform hits like Where Are U Now, Boyfriend, Love Yourself, Company, As Long As You Love Me, What Do You Mean?, Baby and Purpose, at the DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai on May 10.

However, Justin’s tour won’t come cheap to the organisers as the Baby hitmaker has hefty demand list which needs to be carried out to the T.

1. Transport:

A Rolls Royce and a jet for himself. Two volvo buses for his 120-member crew.

2. Necessities

His five day tour demands a a ping-pong table, a Playstation, IO HAWK, a sofa set, washing machine, refrigerator, cupboard and a massage table.

3. Stay

Two 5-star hotels have been booked for his accommodation. Justin wants the room to be decorated with purple carnations, and lilies are a strict no-no.

Justin Bieber deletes Instagram account after feud with Selena Gomez

4. Comfort

Because of the obvious tiring routine, the Boyfriend crooner might want to pratice yoga, and has asked for his room to be supplied with aromatic oils, incense sticks, and books on chakras and yoga asanas. Like this wasn’t enough, a masseuse is being called in from Kerala for him. His demands also include wildberries and vanilla room-fresheners, Dove body wash and hydrating lip balms–we know the secret behind that glowing skin, finally.

5. Decor

The popstar wants the dressing room to be draped in white curtains, and must have a glass-door refrigerator. The refrigerator must have these few thing at all times–twenty-four bottles of still and alkaline water, each, four energy drinks, six vitamin water bottles, six cream sodas, four natural juices, four vanilla protein drinks and half a gallon of almond milk.

6. Food

This is only a part of the menu – vegetables seasoned with ranch sauce, diced fruit, organic bananas and seedless grapes, a deli platter of organic turkey, lettuce, Colby and provolone cheese, black olives and green and banana peppers.

7. Backstage

The backstage requirements include white sliced bread, potato chips, mint and watermelon gum, white cheddar popcorn, Ghiradelli dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds, menthol and watermelon gum, vinegar chips, organic dried fruit, peanuts, and all berries cereal. He has also listed some special treats like large pack of Swedish Fish, boxes of Ritz Bitz peanut butter and cheese sandwiches and multiple packs of Haribo Cola Gummies – let’s just hope that’s all.

Justin Bieber named as suspect in alleged assault case

8. Clothing

Apart from the glass-door refrigerator loaded with food items in his dressing room, Justin requires two packs of plain white crew-neck tees (in sizes XS and L), two packs of white tank tops (sizes L and XL) and three packs of white low-rise socks (sizes XS and L).

Wow, that’s a bit much, don’t you think? But Justin is not the only one who had ridiculous demands.

But wait… he’s not alone!

Check out what these celebrities demand when they are on tour, according to Vogue.

Jennifer Lopez

The On The Floor singer prefers her backstage area to look like a beautiful resort, with a bed in white sheets with white rose and candles, demands an unusual caffeine fix. The popstar is known to have asked for her coffee to be stirred anti-clockwise. Stir it clockwise, and there’s no way she’s getting on the floor.

Justin Bieber calls Instagram ‘the devil’


The Ghosttown crooner is always the one for hygiene. She is known to demand a new toilet seat at every new concert venue. She’s Madonna, and the queen can’t just sit on any throne.

Elton John

If you can’t provide a separate hotel room for John’s glasses collection, you don’t deserve his presence. He also demands huge floral arrangements, but with no lilies, daisies or chrysanthemums. He’s not titled ‘Sir’ for no reason.

Kanye West

There’s nothing outrageous about this rider since we know it’s coming from Kanye West. The rapper is known to ask for Versace towels on hand and insists that his drivers must be clad in 100 per cent cotton, ‘no man-made fibres’.


On tour, Cher’s rider request includes asking for a separate room for all her wigs. Sounds extravagant? You really haven’t seen her hair.